South Border
With only three days in the country, Filipino music sensations South Border made time for us to interview them. So we did, in a street, with cars driving past and helicopters flying over. Kids were screaming and playing nearby. 'On The Street' interviews are the new 'Rock n Roll' y'know!

With Filipinos known for their friendliness and strong family ties it comes as no surprise that the Filipino band South Border is managed by a former fan, Sharon Inductivo.

Now, while Live 8 is proceeding in Hyde Park, not too far away outside a karaoke bar in a Knightsbridge, Sharon is overseeing the photo requests of friends, staff and friends of the bar. Along with myself there's a contingent from the Hounslow Filipino festival who are keen to make the band aware of their presence and best intentions to the Filipino's in the UK.

Questions are thrown at the band in English and Tagalog, the main dialect of The Philippines. Sharon joins in answering, translating and mediating in a spokesman's role and for translation benefits. Later when it's all finished Sharon will meet up to discuss old times with friends who have travelled from Birmingham. Everything will be back to normal come tomorrow, Sunday, when the band will play Hammersmith Apollo.

So who are South Border? A band that in it's twelfth year, swept up most of the Awit Awards, the Philippines record industry's official awards show. It's the closest the country has to the Grammy awards. They won six and three pre-show. They included 'Best Group', 'Song Of The Year' and 'Album Of The Year'.

South Border are in fact seven musicians, 'The Magnificent Seven' as Vincent Alaras, the band's lead singer jokes privately. Changes in the line up may have occurred but with the band huddled in the street awaiting questions you wouldn't think to query their unity or general happiness.

Jay, who is predominantly taller than the other members, is forever smiling and frequently rests his arms on the shoulder's of his band mates. This is the same man who broke down in tears at the award show when his band won 'Best Group', reminiscing then, what a tough battle it was to get the band back on track after the departure of the two previous vocalists. >>

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