The four Scotsmen find themselves in Northampton as part of the tour for
their debut album. Andrew McLean & George Lah-Anyane ask the questions.

Travis were named after a Harry Dean Stanton character from the movie Paris Texas Arizona. Though there are no other similarities beyond that as Andrew, the band's guitarist explains.
"You can't read too much into it," he begins with a large smile. "It's named after the character yeah but the thing with band names the less they mean the better. You pick something as blank as possible so that the band can project their individual thing, whatever they are, onto that name because all band names are really shite. REM is a pish name, U2 is a crap name, Oasis is a terrible name, Beatles is a crap name."
Was there the same feeling towards titling your album?
"We thought about what we would call it quite a lot," continues Andrew. "In the end we thought to name it after a song. "Good Feeling" seemed the most appropriate. I suppose that's what music is meant to do. Leave you with a good feeling."
People try to read a lot into messages that debut albums put across. Music-wise your album's got a real good time rock and roll feel about it. Is that what you wanted to get across?
"The album was going to be a photograph of the band a snapshot of what we were going to be like at that given time," starts Andrew. "Though that was a year ago. It was always going to be quite live, quite quick. The rockers were always going to be bar rocky you know what I mean? The fact is slower songs like "More Than Us" and "Falling Down" and all that were done in a similar way. I think the album's got a bit of continuity to it. We wanted a straight forward album we weren't going to sit in a studio for months, we were quite strict with it."
You're album has come along way from your first band practice together. I know there have been changes in the line up. Dougie weren't you the last to join?
"Yes, nearly two years ago but we've actually known each other for about seven," exclaims Andrew.
"I had never played the bass before," admits Douglas. "Neil had a bass and a practice amp so I just practised in a little room to some songs on tape." >>

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