We Start Fires
‘We Start Fires’ states the poster at the Bedford Esquires. Do they really? Thankfully this fiery foursome from Darlington admits to not being incorrigible arsonists. Only the occasional 'flame on' for lighting the odd cigarette is as close as they get to start fires.

The band have recently confirmed gigs with Longcut, supported Nine Black Alps, Miss Black America, Giant Drag and played industry events such as In The City, SxSW, and played a session for John Kennedy. So with all that would they agree that things have finally taken off for them? It’s a question that has the girls laughing.

"When you look back on it we've had a hectic sort of three months," begins drummer Ashley, the sole male member of the band. "Where the band has started to move," he continues before laughing slightly, "in the right direction."

"I was saying the other day to someone," says synth-meister Melissa. "Because we’re so busy with it all the time it doesn’t actually feel as if anything is any different but when you read stuff out like that you think, 'Oh actually, yeah'."

The band have now being going on three years, so now do they think that maybe there was a turning point that has brought on these better things?

"Things really started happening for us when we met the label last March," admits Melissa. "Before that we were gigging around and stuff and putting singles out by ourselves."

"We're more focussed with being 'the band'," adds Ashley. "We've turned it round from being a sort of hobby to more of a 'lets concentrate and really go for it'."

The band recently released a double A single 'Hip Shake' and 'Hot Metal' on Marquis Cha Cha.

"The recording for that was really chilled," begins Becky. "Our sound engineer does our production work as well. So we just went to the rehearsal place where we practised and we just did it well." >>

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