We Start Fires

"Because if someone really appreciated it when they bought a limited edition they wouldn't put it on there," adds Becky.

"It's weird in a way because when they started going up on Ebay the label was still selling them. So it’s like, 'Hang on you can still get one for three quid!'," adds bassist Nikki.

Ah, but needs must, particularly if their own website reported that they sold out in Rough Trade and other selected shops.

"They sold out in like a day," declares Becky. "They sold out straight away. We were at Leicester Charlotte the first day of the Nine Black Alps tour when Zane Lowe and Steve Lamacq played it."

The band’s XFM recording session was reportedly a chilled one.

"It was like a recording," starts Melissa. "Ashley was in a separate room with the drums," she finishes laughing.

"The sound engineer was really nice. We just played the songs a few times each," states Becky. "We kinda like mixed them as he did it. Some people keep them apart and mix them afterwards but with Chris it was a live mix and he just did that and said 'There it is'. So we got to hear it before it went out. So if we were unhappy with anything we could have said."

It was recorded two weeks before it went on air but during that time there wasn’t any excessive nail biting.

"We actually forgot about it as we were pretty much away for the whole time before it was aired," states Melissa.

Away touring perhaps? They’re into that lately. >>

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