We Start Fires

"The songs were quite recent," admits Melissa. "Once we started to concentrate on the song writing a bit more, the songs became different. 'Hip Shake' is a couple of months old but 'Hot Metal' is older. But when we recorded 'Strut' it was a choice of doing 'Strut' or 'Hot Metal'."

"'Strut' took a day," admits Becky happily. "'Hot Metal' a couple of weekends because we recorded two songs over the weekend and then mixed them the following weekend."

So what is the basis for the band's song writing?

"I actually write the main tune on the guitar and the lyrics and they take it to the practice room to work out the drums and keyboards," begins Becky. "It generally changes quite a bit once everyone puts their parts in."

So essentially Becky brings a skeleton.

"Yeah and then we flesh it out," laughs Melissa.

As is often the case with new bands, trying to find their debut and early releases can often be a hard task. However thanks to Ebay the search can be made a little less troublesome. So it's no surprise to the band that some of their songs are already made available on the site.

"If kind of annoys me in a way as a lot of people buy it to put it on Ebay and don’t even bother listening to it," says Becky.

The band denies putting any items on themselves to make a quick earner.

"In one respect it must be in great demand but there's two parts to it," begins Melissa. "There's that part and the part as Becky says, where people just buy stuff because they know they can make money off it." >>

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