Disciples Of Sound
They have become one of the fastest rising new talents in house music and were off to a good start when their debut 'Good Times' was Mixmag's top house track of the month. Where better than in the home of their own club night, the Hogshead in Milton Keynes, to ask them more about their good times.

House music comes in multiple varieties and to add to the confusion, what one person calls a certain variety isn't always agreed by another. Best to compare then. The website 'DJ List', has written a nice paragraph about the lads who having been working under the Disciples monicker for two years.

"Their unique style fuses chunky vocal house, definitive tech funk, and tribal flecked beats with an infectious liquid groove that takes a crowd on a roller coaster ride of deep throbbing bass lines, sexy riffs and dirty twisted beats."

Both are pleasantly surprised by the description and Rob suggests that Junior is best to describe their sound. Happily he obliges. "I've always said to Rob that it's general house. There's so many different type of house and it gets confusing."

"We even tried to define our own name for it," adds Rob. "We created a kind of sound for the music we are doing. If anything it's between electro and dirty house. There's no real name for it. It literally is just that, house music."

There is of course the matter that if someone starts categorising the music and tried to make it to suit, it can become harder to produce.

"We've done that in the past," says Junior with a smile. "We tried to make something funky and it's never turned out like that."

"People ask us as well, 'How do you start to make a track?' or 'When you go in do you have a specific idea what the track is going to turn out like?'" states Rob. "You don't. You go in and start to formulate the beats for it. Then you build the bass line up."

Apart from obviously wanting to make a record what fuels their music? >>

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