Our Editor, Andrew McLean, caught up with one of this years most talked about bands in Northampton. No puns were used in this interview.

Nene College, our first home. How I remember the not so daily runs from one campus to the other to check on the designers for the status of the paper editions. The good old times. It's been nearly ten years since my return and now finally the college is starting to promote gigs. Tonight the first gig has Editors performing. The first of many gigs? The good new times? Only time will tell, though it would seem doubtful as tonight's student union promoter will leave when the academic year finishes and Northampton already champions existing venues that holds NME and MTV tours.

I briefly reflect on my history in the company of Tom Smith and Chris Urbanowicz, vocalist-guitarist and guitarist respectively from Editors.

"I actually come from Northampton," admits Tom, "but don't tell anyone."

Okay I won't, but then you mention it later on during the gig, oh well, no one ever reads my interviews, honest.

Being at a college will probably bring back some memories for the band themselves. Editors formed back in 2000, under the name 'The Pride' at Staffordshire University. After the drummer departed and was replaced, the name was changed to 'Snowfield'. There was a respectable tour with vastly underrated The Boxer Rebellion before the lads finished uni in 2003 and recamped their HQ in Birmingham. Following the signing to Kitchenware Records towards the end of 2004, the band felt that as a fresh start another name change was necessary and so they became Editors or maybe not as Chris admits.

"It was quite funny because at the time we wrote 'Bullets' we were going through a name change. We were asking all our friends to suggest a potential name for the band and one of them was 'Bullets'." >>

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