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Peter Brewis; vocalist, guitarist, occasional drummer and one third of Field Music has agreed to a quick post gig interview. For the moment he's left the remainder of the band in the tour bus.

Questions about connections with Field Music to The Futureheads and Maximo Park have already been done to death. Time is precious and as Peter and the rest of the band have to leave soon we'll ask him about something else.

In a previous interview Peter admitted that there weren't too many venues accommodating bands in Sunderland or Newcastle. The reason for the band's formation was far from looking for a reason to leave Sunderland, or for that matter searching for new venues. So was the band set-up out of fun?

"Yeah, I don't know if it was out of fun," begins Peter beaming a huge smile." It's nothing to do with getting out of Sunderland. I don't know if it was particularly for fun. I think it was just something, you know, when you really like music and you keep looking for music that you would like to exist and if it doesn't you try to make the music that you would like to be there. I don't know if we've done it yet but we're at the point."

The band has been working with constraints. With all the members having full time jobs, their limited availability has affected their touring. Though they are keen as tonight's one off gig supporting Stereolab at the Koko in London has proved. These limitations may have been a contributing factor to their choice of recording their debut album firstly at home during their free nights and weekends and then mixing it at their parent's house for a change of scenery. So are they working with the same constraints this time around?

"No not now. We've taken a year out to do the music and it's all gone a bit like work really," says Peter beaming another huge smile.

They've decided to record at home again rather than in a plusher studio.

"It's too much money," begins Peter. "Basically we go into the studio when we feel like it and we have to feel like it a little bit more because it's a job now and we have a deadline." >>

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