The Longcut

"'Vitamin C' had bits written but we weren't exactly sure how we were going to record it," adds Stuart. "We were quite sure how we were going to record the rest. 'Vitamin C' was a bit like "Okay we've got this song now how do we get this onto the computer?" For the end Lee spent four or five hours just recording bits and parts."

"Yeah," laughs Lee. "I was chopping and ripping them up."

Jon also found himself putting in the long hours as well. "Johnny was very exact. We spent a lot of time making sure the album was right. There was one day where I was playing a bass line for about six hours."

So after all the hard work did the band have any favourite tracks?

"We didn't record these as 'these are the big songs' and 'here's the fillers'," begins Stuart. "We wanted to make every song as good as every song. If there was a song that wasn't as good as any of the others it just wouldn't have made it on. So we're like dead happy that everything turned out as equally as it did. I can't say that I have any particular favourite tracks. I'm happy with everything."

Jon mentions 'Holy Funk'.

"Basically it was just a guitar rift and bass rift with a kind of drum beat that I wasn't sure about," says Stuart with a slight smile. "It didn't really have a structure either. In the end we went into the room and just recorded a tape of it for practice, to see how it was like and see how we could record it. We just listened back and it was 'that was great let's use that'."

Was it not a case of having some spare time and try something new?

"Kind of," begins Lee. "We knew that we wanted to record this song. We thought it was a really good idea to, so we did." >>

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