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So is it the same routine? Someone comes up with the lyrics and puts the melodies on top or is it that the melodies come first?

"Generally the music comes first and then it's like we've got loads of bits of music and if we can't write any lyrics to them, then basically we sort out the music."

Ah that explains the music craftsmanship for 'If Only The Moon Was Up', a wonderful song that seemed to pass by largely unnoticed.

"That song if it is about anything other than just bunches of words which kinda like go together, really is about not being able to make excuses for things. If only the moon were up I'd do this or if something were like this then I'd do that and if we wouldn't be so tough then I'd do this. It's basically just like excuses, excuses, excuses."

Does Peter then approach his lyrics in a more abstract sense?

"I think I certainly do but I don't know about David. I think his are a little bit more direct and a kind of more advanced. based on his experiences. I probably like, put myself more in a situation. We're in a comfortable and safe environment for now."

So are there any places in particular that suit their music?

"I think its people more than anything. The good thing is the music we make nobody needs to move anywhere. That's fine. Is it going to be certain people in certain towns that might like us more? I don't really know."

If there's anything to be said about the band, it is all good. They work hard, they try hard and don't pretend to be anything that they are not, for example putting on accents and singing in someone else's style. >>

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