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The success of The Futureheads and Maximo Park has averted eyes and ears to the northeast. As Peter's brother David has mentioned before, there was no music industry there. The number of good bands is small and the numbers of genuine ideas are relatively tiny. Field Music could do what they liked with having a lot of freedom and no pressure. He also mentioned that this success was finding a new generation of bands tailoring their music to the likes of Maximo Park or The Futureheads in the hope of attaining success or at least waiting for it. The band's name was specifically chosen so not to sound like a band name, to reflect that they don't really function like a normal band i.e. creating music by playing indie music together or doing endless countless sweaty gigs, instead as David puts it, "It's a sonic idea production agency."

Field Music by comparison to other modern day bands offer something different, that's not to say that they are reworking old songs and styles because they don't sound like, for example Kaiser Chiefs. They will admit that they are outsiders. Though they're not trying to fight their way inside.

"We're not a fashionable band, we've never been very fashionable," admits Peter.

Modestly Peter's admitted before in another interview that the band's aim was never to be the biggest band in the world, which goes back to what was asked before about why the band started. They enjoy making music and record what they like rather than what they think people like. The outcome is the upbeat, half popesque and catchy song 'She Can Do What She Like', which will hopefully get the nod as a new single. So has the band's style of writing changed at all, after everything they've achieved thus far?

"Not really. No I don't think that the way we approach writing is any different. Though we might have to change the way that we do it. Basically all we do is we kind of think of something that we like, think of a sound or whatever and try and make it happen then put lyrics to it." >>

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