Gold Chains
No we're not talking about colourful jewellery, this is a music website, think music, think rap, think about an American who somehow reminds you of Penfold from Danger Mouse.

Not content on playing Belgium, Italy, Spain, Manchester or Fabric in London the mighty fine American electro beat creator and rapper Gold Chains performed at Bar Central in Milton Keynes to support the release of his debut album 'Young Miss America'.
The late night gig had a moderate attendance, though Mr Chains wasn't phased. "From playing the show I felt positive vibes. Sometimes playing to not many people is more fun than playing to a shit load of people."
Indeed the man who is proud to tell the world he comes from San Francisco won over a number of fans as post gig he hobbled around with the aid of a walking cane to shake hands and sign posters.
Strange but true is the decision to release the album in the UK two months before the US but was there any specific reasoning behind this decision?
"I got signed in the UK," begins GC. "I'm more closer to the UK office of Pias than any other. I wish the album wasn't [released later] but I think it has to do with lead times for press in America."
He denies that touring the UK is a tactic to prepare him for the US audience.
"I somehow ended up touring more in Europe than in America. I think it to do with the fact that the music is more electronic. I started touring three years ago and America didn't have the big [electronic] scene that Europe had, so I could come over here and play shows, like when I supported Kid 606 last year. I've toured America twice in the Midwest, just little parts of it. We're going back to tour the whole place for a month and I'm really excited about that because America is a crazy place."
GC's first release was the eponymous named single on Kit Clayton's respected San Francisco based Orthlorng Musork label. It set the tone for things to come, hinting at his electronic music skills and cool proclamations. Though surprisingly it wasn't added to the album.
"It was a big thing to the label, they wanted to add the track and another track 'Rock The Parti'. I have so much music and I just want to keep going and giving out stuff. When it's done it's done as long as I can pay rent it's cool. If I can't pay rent then I'll get a job and just put out dance singles. That's the way I approach it. I don't have any visions of grandeur." >>

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