Gold Chains
Gold Chain's musical inspirations are varied. He formed his first band when he was fourteen with his little brother and a friend doing Joy Division cover songs. Then he formed a two piece act in high school that was heavily influenced by Front 242, Laibach and electro type sounds. He likes all kinds of music but how has this affected his music? Has he got his own style or is he still diversifying?
"Kit Clayton mixes tracks with me as well. I could do it all by myself but he's super talented, He's one of my best friends and we have a lot of respect for each other. When we talk about what music we want to make together, it always comes from the fact that we love music and want to make music that we want to hear. There's an album track called 'Break Or Be Broken'. I had this Euro trance version and Josh was talking about making it a ballad. Now I fucking hate ballads. So I started talking about making it into a 'funeral jam' and he starts talking about making it a 'New Orleans funeral jam'. Those are some of the terms that we speak in but it's never conscious. Some people are like 'oh you want to mash it up and you're intentionally trying to cross all these genres.' We're just making music that we want to hear. For us when we talk about it, it's always pop music, even if it is progressive pop. If you live in San Francisco, Gold Chains is the most pop band in our scene. Everyone else is just noise and super far out improv."
So the fact that you have a melody makes you popular?
He grins with like the Cheshire Cat, "That's what it comes down to, the melody."
His music makes people dance but when does he get time to dance?
"When do I get time to dance? Is that what you said? When my foot heals up."
Earlier in the evening during the show, Gold Chains could be seen manoeuvring around the tables on stage with the aid of walking cane.
"It was the morning after the Fabric show," starts GC. "I was coming out of the flat, the stairs were really steep and I had a really heavy suitcase full of merch and I just rolled my foot. We had to go catch the train so I didn't have any choice. But there was Dawn, the train manager on the Virgin train and she took care of it. She wrapped it up in ice and told me what to do she was sweet. In America that shit doesn't happen. Anyone in the service industry for the most part that you have to deal with is as rude as fuck. " >>
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