Gold Chains
"I couldn't believe Dawn. She was totally cool. When I get back I'm going to write to Virgin and copy Richard Branson in the email 'this Dawn on the fucking London to Manchester line is a doll'. Sometimes the service is good, don't get me wrong but most of the time you'll see it for yourself. You can look in their eyes and you can tell they're saying 'don't talk to me', you can tell that they don't like their job."
You've mentioned that you want to make lots of music, how would you take yourself to the next step?
"I want to put out more dance music but this LP is more of a listening record. There was the idea to be able to produce an engaging album that you can listen from beginning to end, like 'Dark Side Of The Moon' but I'm ready to put out some real loopy dance floor stuff.
Would you collaborate with anyone to accomplish that?
"Kit Clayton," announces GC without the slightest pause.
Yeah but he's your best mate?
"Yes but we have enough ideas, I like Super Collider and would do stuff with Basement Jaxx. I've been talking to Peaches. We're sought of talking about doing something together, we'll just have to see."
Through collaborating, artists can achieve higher levels of success, not more so than the Neptunes. Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo are experiencing success with a lot of other artists such as Jay Z, Snoop Dogg and Britney Spears, but does Gold Chains think that they are in danger of losing their own sound by diluting it into other artists?
"No, all those other artists don't have a sound, they would be nothing without the Neptunes. You look at 'Hot In Here' by Nelly, that's a Neptunes track and he's a great vocalist but he would never have sat there and made that track. The Neptunes are producers, Christina Aguilera didn't make 'Dirty'. The Neptunes made 'Dirty'. In that market you get the Neptunes and Timberland and I think the Neptunes are doing a better job. Timberland seems to have gone a little lazy. I am a fan. I love his stuff, but some of it hasn't been great but the Neptunes always manage to make some good tracks. " >>
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