Gold Chains
"I've read interviews with them and they say 'we want to be best producers possible and we work are arses off every day'. If you want to make music, make money and be successful you have to be prepared to do that. There are so many people making music and you have to work at it all the time. For the two months before I left for this tour I've been working 15 hours a day."
This is the part that the public doesn't see, but they will recognise and accept the final product as a sense of achievement of the artist.
"Yeah, they don't see that," states Mr Chains. He smiles. "They don't see me at home making beats, writing software, making tons of tracks that won't get released, or tracks that people don't often hear."
Though with GC's intent to release as much music as possible it will hopefully be the best of both worlds for himself and his fans.

Interview by Andrew Mclean 2003
All photography © Kirit Patel & tobeconfirmed
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