Giant Drag
It was one of those rare occasions where an American band actually tours outside London and Manchester. Being surprisingly close to home, we were decisively quick to ask to spend some time with the duo. They agreed and fitted us in before their pre gig dinner and viewings of 'Alan Partridge'.

A bright-eyed Micah Calabrese and a weary looking Annie Hardy both better known as the American band 'Giant Drag' and myself are led to the larger room of the Northampton Soundhaus.

Apparently Annie has woken from a short deep sleep, feeling somewhat guilty I suggest that she may like to have another go on the couch nearby while I talk with Micah. She reminds me that if it wasn't for the scheduled interview the support band, whose sound begins to emanate through the walls, would have woke her.

I admit to the pair my surprise in finding lots of interviews with them on the internet, many seem to have repeated content but the fact of the matter is there is a lot. Most it seems were undertaken in America last September when they were promoting their debut album 'Hearts and Unicorns'. From my backpack I unearth a huge mound of paper containing the interviews copied and pasted from the Internet, all in the name of 'research'. It's enough to make an environmentalist cry. I promise to recycle it. Talking of recycling, do they recycle their music, using cast offs from their other songs?

"I do that personally," says Micah with a smile. "But not much in the band."

Micah Calabrese is Annie's self declared 'perfect music partner'. A feeling that developed over time and not from the immediate discovery that he could play the drums and a synthesizer simultaneously nor that he could play in comparison to those that Annie attempted to form a band with.

Once the band was formed and the time was right, roughly two years in fact, the duo set about recording the album, but were they prepared? Did they have all their songs ready when they went in?

"We had a bunch and we just recorded every song we had and picked the best ones," declares Micah. >>

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