Andrew McLean interviews bassist Chris Edwards before the band play a rotating headline gig at the Northampton Soundhaus with Chikinki. Lead singer Tom Meighan is elsewhere making a private phone call. The nerve of some people?

It's only a matter of days after organising the interview that I learn that the band shares the same management as BRMC and The Thrills. That would probably account for why the Leicestershire band has the song 'LSF' on Fifa 2004. Though I'm doing the band some injustice after all it's a cracking good tune. If you own the game you'll know what I'm on about.

Kasabian are a new band, so there's very little music widely available. If you're lucky you've bought the limited issue 'Processed Beats' and blagged a promo of the forthcoming debut single 'Reason Is Treason'. For some this is not enough and withdrawal symptoms have caused home-made recordings from
Fifa to be made. The result is dodgy versions of 'LSF' available to download from the net. Well, it is a quick fix.

Chris informs me the band wasn't always called Kasabian, formed in 1998 by
a group of school mates.

"Apart from Chris (Karloff), the guitarist. We met him down the pub. We didn't know him but we knew he played the guitar so we asked him to join. We've
only been Kasabian since we really got signed eighteen months ago. The record company didn't like the name we had and neither did we. So it was a mutual agreement to change it. We already had the name Kasabian lined up."

So what fuels the bands music?

"You would have to ask Serge and Chris," begins Chris. "They write all the music. They just get battered and go up to the computer room and you know."

Not really but I get the gist. What about musical influences? Who's responsible for inspiring the Kasabian sound?

"Everything mate, DJ Shadow, Beatles, everything, Primal Scream." >>

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