What's your family think about you now?

"I think they're pretty proud. I used to take piano lessons but I quit them because the teacher was shit (laughs). My mum was a bit disappointed about that. I tried a lot of instruments before I started the guitar. I picked up the guitar when I was sixteen and loved it so I carried on playing that. I then picked up the bass, played around a bit to see what I could do."

Going back to the album, how did the recording go?

"It was a bit shaky at the start we did eighty percent of the album at home on the computer. We recorded everything basically bar drums and vocals at the studio in the farm. We got one producer in but we basically didn't get on with him. Though he still produced one track of the album. So we went and got Jim Abbiss, who has done The Music's new album, Placebo and has worked with UNKLE and DJ shadow. We're big admirers of Shadow's work. We wrote down a list of people that we wanted and Jim was one of them. He listened to the tracks and loved them. He's mixed it down and made it sound massive."

Tom would emphasise later about the falling out with the producer.

"We wanted to record it ourselves and take it to a mixer but the record label recommended we work with this man. (He sighs deeply) It just wasn't working. He was like trying to be the six member. He was basically ripping the songs apart and trying to redo them. They weren't dirty enough. We did 'Reason Is Treason' and he totally got what we were doing because he came to the farm for a few days and he knew what we were on about. When we had to go with him to the studio in London, without going over the tracks properly, it went all fucking tits up. People weren't happy, things weren't getting done right and things sounded horriblly clean. We went back to the farm looked over it again and did it how it was done before. We got all the bits and bobs. We took it to bits, put a bit of twinkle on it and that's fucking how we wanted it." >>

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