The Longcut

"We've been doing instrumentals for a while and it came as a writing transition. We had a nice little instrumental at the end of one song and we couldn't figure how to end it and I had the idea to get a microphone and bang a tambourine into it and kind of sing for a few bars. It wasn't a case of 'I'm a singer now.' It was 'I'll sing at the end of this song and see how it works out' and it worked out pretty well. We then had a few more ideas after that, with working vocals into what we were doing and figured out that we could put them with a drum machine to make them work."

The use of a drum machine and Stuart's vocal approach draws early comparisons for the band to The Rapture though Lee explains that this method is "for the drum machine to cancel out the vocals." Without getting too technical further details aren't really explored and arguably it's easier as a three piece to play and perform. After all there's one less person to worry about. Though wouldn't having a singer allow Stuart to concentrate more on his playing?

"I don't mind it to be honest," he says smiling. "As long as I get to do something all the time and have a nice lot of variety. If I played the drums all the time I might get bored of it. So I still have a lot of opportunity to experiment with everything that I do in the band."

So how does the band decide which song is going to be an instrumental?

"It depends on a song by song basis. If we think a song needs vocals then we'll have some vocals," explains Lee.

"If I've just thought of something in my head or if something worked out really well with vocals, we could do it with the drum machine and try it like that," adds Stuart. "Recently," he continues, "We had a song with a riff that typically you could put some vocals over the top but then I decided to do some keyboards instead. It's kind of random. It could go anyway. We go through a lot of different ways of doing things." >>

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