The Longcut

The band has been together now for four years. Though in light that they've just released their debut album is it perhaps still early to consider changing their style of songs to contain singing all the time?

"I think it's a good balance with what we've got at the moment," declares Lee.

"We don't want to say that we're going to make plans or anything," admits Stuart. "What we do is what is natural to us; sometimes it's natural to have vocals."

The album according to Lee was "recorded in a six week block with a few more to mix it". Indeed it did. As Lee's also quoted as saying in another interview "We were all over the place while the album was mixed - Japan, America and back at home - so we'd have to get up at weird times in the morning to download mixes as they were finished."

The album was produced under the ever-watchful eye of Johnny Dollar, producer for Massive Attacks' debut album 'Blue Lines' and mixed by TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek. The band's choice of producer comes across in their conversation not as a nice surprise but as an unexpected pleasure.

"The Coral had been working with one of his protégées Geoff Barrow from Portishead," explains Stuart. "He was talking to Deltasonic and told them that Johnny Dollar told him everything he knew. So they sent him the demos that we had done and he was into it."

It had been mentioned in another interview that the band were quite keen not to spend too long recording as to not to remove any energy from their sessions. So to help, had all the songs been written before they went into the studio?

"We always wanted to keep the studio time for recording," explains Jon. >>

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