The Longcut

With a debut album full of good songs primed for release the next thing would be to give it a great title or a good one at least. How was the selection process for the title? Was it a long drawn out period? Were there countless names added onto lists?

"There was no special reason," begins Stuart. "It was a name that just came. It was something that came into my head. I quite liked it because it went with the feeling of the album. It's quite direct. I can't really explain it but it did seem to go at the time."

"There weren't any lists but there were plenty of texts," laughs Lee. "It was also the only one that we all agreed to."

"There was one original title for quite some time and it was shocking," admits Jon, emphasising on the word "was".

"It wasn't shocking. It just wasn't good," replies Lee.

"The universal opinion was that it was shocking. A very small selection of people liked it," continues Jon.

"Very small," says Lee with a large smile.

How small?

Jon holds up three fingers behind Lee.

It seems that finally everything is coming together for The Longcut. The name has been whispered in corridors at gigs around the country for at least three years. However the band's own story suggests something other than a long hard slog before reaping rewards. >>

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