Ben & Jason
The partnership that is Ben & Jason explain the pain why getting critical acclaim doesn't necessarily help sell records.
Ben & Jason, as part of the 'Roadworks' tour found themselves playing at the Stables, a venue located on the outskirts of Milton Keynes. "The Stables is a very lovely place but it's in an odd location," announces Ben Parker, lead vocalist and acoustic guitar player.
"We were delighted when we arrived," begins Jason the other half of the partnership responsible for the string and brass arrangements, who tonight is the owner of one incredibly bushy beard. "The tour manager said "we're here" and we couldn't believe it was Milton Keynes, it was the countryside. We just
sat out on the grass earlier on, sitting there with guitars being sixties hippies."
Jazz singer Cleo Lane & her husband's property comes with seating, somewhat distanced from the stage. It must have been completely different from last night's gig at the hip and trendy Camden Dingwalls, if not to say difficult?
"It was very noisy and busy the absolute opposite," starts Jason whose found comfort in sitting on the carpeted floor and leaning against the sofa. "It had a really low ceiling and a metal stage. The sound just pings backwards and forwards off each other. The bass took over the whole stage. It was an absolute mess and so coming here it's unbelievable, it's terrific, absolutely first class sound."
Ben still opting for the sofa adds his own feelings. "When you've got a big place like this with seats it's very odd and you can't really see. You begin to feel distanced from the audience. So you need them to kind of take it on in order to reach this level between you, you have to keep pushing out."
The band finished their set with their new single 'Wild Things' but prior to that Jason played the grand piano accompanying Ben as he sung Randy Newman's 'Texas Girl At The Funeral Of Her Father'. The sound quality of the venue allowed you to take it all in. It was very overwhelming, very emotional but why choose it?
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