Just around the corner from the Bedford Esquires is the pub, The Blarney Stone. We thought it would be nice to invite Tiny, leadsinger of Ultrasound for a drink and a chat before he went on stage later that night.

How's the tour going?

"It's had many, many downs, mainly with equipment but we've got away with it so far. I remember about a year and a half ago we did a gig at the Falcon we were headlining and we were supported by a band called Son of The Smith. They had just signed a deal. They had equipment, money and stuff. They had a truck full of flight cases, roadcrew and whatever and we turned up with all this tatty equipment, carrying it out ourselves from an old green van. Because we were headlining we thought we could do without all that shit. So far we've got away with it."

Haven't Nude given the band some money to go out and buy some new equipment?

"They did but what the problem is that the equipment we have sounds great when it works. It's just a bit temperamental. I think virtually all of our equipment is fairly old and that's how we like it."

This tour is a prelude to the album with the single 'Floodlit World' out next week. How does Tiny feel about the album? It seems Ultrasound has been around for a long time. New bands seem to rush out with the first album. Ultrasound appear to have taken they're time over it.

"I've noticed a lot of bands that sign a deal keep really quiet while they record the album. Then they start to do all the publicity. We got the publicity before we signed the deal so we had to keep that momentum still going. We had to keep playing and of course while you're playing you can't record."

If the record company asked Tiny to release this single, could he blatantly refuse? >>

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