Ben & Jason

Ben you mentioned about the band growing, would you say that 'Wild Things'
is a sign of the band's growth?
"We certainly saw this album as a fresh start because we learnt so much from the first two albums. 'The Wild Things', charted terribly, going nowhere where anyone thought it would go. There was a problem with distribution, with loads of column inches given to new bands like ourselves who have been nominated for the Mercury Prize, which people much preferred to write about. Music journalism is all about the new buzz on the street and if you're a band who has been around for three and a half years whose releasing their third record, it can't
be a press lead project. We have struggled; the gigs are really what are driving us now. We've made a brilliant record and now we're doing the gigs which are getting better and better. I just want to play gigs and have people going way thinking 'that was brilliant'. We just work hard. We're not trying to be brand
new and mind blowing to anyone. We just want to do what we love doing. I think you can't argue with that and we're just doing it as sincerely as we can. The press are letting us be who we are more than they used to. Before we had loads of labels thrown at us, you know 'Jeff Buckley meets an acoustic guitar shop'. That's fine but now they're referring to us as a going concern, which has already got momentum, which needs to be treated as something individual, which is brilliant. However because of that most are feeling sorry for us wondering why we haven't had the success that Turin Brakes & David Gray has had."
"It's because we arrived too early," announces Jason "we prematurely ejaculated didn't we? 1999 - 'Hello', 2000 - 'Emoticons'. Also in 2000 - Tom Macrae's album, the Kings of Convenience, Kathryn's 'Copper Black Music' and everyone's going "acoustic music great" and you get this Roadworks tour but we go (gestures trying to get people's attention)...
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