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The record company then praised some of the songs from our new demos. So we felt it best to add them to the album. It was a very strange way of making it. Throughout the whole process we were just interested in making a consistent album, rather than having a group of songs that you have to play on through."
"We had this dilemma after 'Emoticons'," reveals Jason "because 'Hello' was basically just demos and 'Emoticons' was a proper studio album and yet it didn't seem to sit together. It had some kind of internal coherence missing but with this album we were very conscious of making it coherent. That was the main thing and getting someone else in to mix it after a year was a great idea. He brought along loads of new ideas, put loads of backwards stuff on duet, played around with all sorts of sounds. It was terrific sometimes he took stuff off in a complete new direction."
Ben continues to express his feelings "It's odd because with the first two albums we were thinking too much about the songs. Where as you've got to learn to pull yourself out your situation to realize what you have to give to people at the end of it. We realized you have to give people a nice package rather than just picking songs at random and saying that's it we'll have that."
"The trouble with writing an album is that it's a piece meal approach to something that you want to sound a coherent whole," suggests Jason. "It's not like writing a book where you have a beginning, middle and end, you've just got a bunch of songs and you have to try and cram the ones that you want together in the right order, to make something that feels like the shape of an album. It's a bit like backwards shaping."
Would achieving the goal of that perfect coherent album be placed high on the band's thoughts for attaining success or were there more beautiful things imaginable?
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