Ben & Jason

then because other people would like to know how to play our songs we get other people who aren't us to write out the album in its entirety." So we were doing that job, transcribing other people's music and type setting it, very
nerdy to be honest. Eventually we moved onto a company that Ben had set
up and we were there doing the same thing. It was just Jason and I in an
office and because it was our office, it was great to put music on. We then began insisting each other listened to the other's musical choices. So from being colleagues we became friends."
Ah yes but did you actually get any work done?
"We did," continues Jason. "We worked stupid hours. When we started we had one computer and because there was two of us we had to do it in shifts. So he worked days and because I'm an insomniac I'd work nights and he'll come in at eight in the morning and I'd still be there to greet him."
"He would have literally been there all night," states Ben. "At our previous office there was a lot of expensive printing equipment so it was all caged up and it looked almost as if Ben had spent the night in prison."
"The first actual point of contact that we had that we went 'bing' on was Nick Drake," announces Jason. We both loved his stuff and I had comparatively recently discovered him in 94 but Ben discovered him as a teenager. So when Ben came in and said he really, really liked his music it triggered something and sparked off a bit of a conversation."
The suggestion that the office staged their first gig sends the pair into laughter, as Ben confirms. "We never played for anyone in that office, well certainly not together."
"The very first gig," starts Jason "Was just Ben at a place called Taylors in Soho. We thought because we had some songs why didn't we do a gig? So I wrote out the string quartet parts and we got a quartet up on stage, with Ben doing acoustic guitar and I sat up in the audience being proud.'
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