Ben & Jason

"It's nice to take advantage of having a grand piano," announces Ben. "We like changing the dynamics throughout our set because you can make a real impact by having a different dynamic rather than have a different flavour song. If you take everything down and strip everything away it's incredible. That was probably the most enjoyable song of the set for me."
"That's the nice thing you know?" agrees Jason, "There's a trick in that. Strip the song down to the absolute bones and see if it still works. It was quite a nice little challenge."
Although the duo like 'Texas Girl' it can apparently be quite testing at times as Jason admits. "What surprises me about the job and being in a band is the amount of time it takes up. When I describe my day to my friends who aren't in a band they don't seem to understand why I feel I'm so busy and yet there's a pile of absolute crap to get through every day. You can get upside down days as gigs are concerned. You've got to be your best, on form, able to play, awake remembering the songs. It's actually quite a lot to do and when you're playing late you really want to be having a mug of cocoa, a joint and reading the news. You also get this weird thing as a headline band. We sound check first and play last. Between sound checking and the gig there's five hours and there's nowhere to go as we can't go anywhere. All we did today was go down to the pub have a couple of pints and a meal. You get that weird time where do an hour of work here and there and all that bit in between is redundant. That's when you end up just sitting there, twatting around, getting pissed, trying to remember 'Texas Girl'." He begins to laugh, "Which took us all afternoon."
Did a mutual interest bring you together?
"Yes it did," begins Jason. "It was both a love or music and working at the absolute bum end of music to be honest. Right up Satan's arse crack in sheet music, which is such a bizarre job. You know it's "We are a band and we make an album
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