"Sarah (Blackwood) was the singer Technique. I’d only just met her a week before the gigs but we clicked really well. I guess we’re opposites but she’s a talented singer and so we work well together." Technique were the European support act for Depeche Mode who were promoting their Exciter album back in 2001. After that Client were born. She adds, "We still share rooms together
but sometimes I have to get my own room as she does get really pissed!" Unfortunately I didn’t quite hear what the consequences of this were exactly...maybe I can find out next time.

So they shared rooms together on tour and worked well together in domestic situations, but how did the recording go at the start of the project and did they have a set working method?

"We do some songs together and also work separately sometimes. I write the songs and Sarah will get the lyrics. I like controlling it and putting the bass and words around it. There were a couple of tracks we recorded that we didn’t use but one of the first songs we did together was ‘Client'. We found our sound quite quickly. ‘Pills’ we wrote together, ‘Rock 'n' Roll machine’ and ‘Happy,’" Kate reminisces. Their debut was created largely on computers and away from the studio. "I think for the next album though we’re gonna do more in stuff in the rehearsal studio."

If you ever experience the band live you also see two others guys on stage. Scott on guitar and Joe on Laptop who were both in Sneaker Pimps of "6 Underground" fame. Together it completes the live sound. So just how did the guys get involved?

"It was at 'Being Boiled' night actually. We met Joe through a friend of a friend, we just got on well, then he started coming playing live with us, he’s gonna work on the production of the next album. He's a good all rounder and a lovely guy. And Scott, he’s quite edgy with his guitar playing," >>

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