Their label Toast Hawaii, is a very small one, but that isn't a necessarily a bad thing. There's always been a tradition of small independant labels putting out ground breaking acts through time. Maybe with the help from Mute will do just that in years to come. So was Kate a fan of any small labels with a similar story?

"Yeah I like Kitty Yo and..." At this point Kate did start to roll out a hand full
of underground labels but sadly their names were drowned by the noise from outside. I went on to mention 4AD who I knew for their great artwork."I love 4AD. Kate's previous band, Frazier Chorus were signed to them. Were there any other labels she liked for that reason? "You had Factory with Peter Saville and Creation are good as well y'know? I think Mute's got a great philosophy so I guess we’re lucky." With some clever people behind the scenes and the potential for bigger things, I asked Kate what in her mind was was her idea of success?

"I don't know? Sell out Shepherd's Bush Empire, nothing major." She says modestly.

Ok then let's turn it around. Let's imagine you were a music fan and that you were off to Shepherd's Bush to see the Client! How would you perceive them and what would attract you to them?

Kate admits "I dunno, I’d probably have the same cynicism as everybody else in that they'd say, ‘Oh their just another electroclash band’, hopefully people will go in and think that 'they look a bit kinky', a bit homemade and that people will like the interviews and the images."

Yes we like the images and the sounds too.

Interviewed by Kirit Patel 2003
All photography © Client 2003 & Kirit Patel © 2003

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