I shifted the conversation to the current pop climate. Thinking about the nature of Client's trademark 'Electropop' sound and how I thought the trend was now for some acts to take on this sound for the sake one off singles to appear contemporary. Think Kylie and even Rachel Stevens latest solo efforts, surely these pop acts had jumped onto the bandwagon. Did this annoy her?

"Well I think it can only be a good thing really that it’s seeping through but it’s not pure Electro yet" states Kate. "Just look at Acid scene, that was underground and then that went massive about two years later. When this does go overground we’ll have our own fans by then.

Talking of fans, Client this year have been busy playing across Europe as a support act and as headliners due to a growing fanbase. So what was it like playing to the different crowds and venues?

"We have played the big festivals and then a tiny clubs like here. In intimate venues, the atmosphere's better. Hopefully we'll get people coming along like this here and the people will like it.

In a previous interview Sarah, had said that if people wanted to download Client tracks to get to listen to the band, so be it. But was she ok with this new form of 'home taping'?"

She starts,"We do give free tracks away for download. But the worrying thing is we go to some countries and we sell only 500 records there and then do a gig to a few thousand people and they all know the words and then you get people on the website asking where can they get the lyrics from - well there on the album if you bought it!" And so what about in the future? "I think downloading and burning is damaging for bands like us because we rely on the income. Little bands are gonna get wiped out. It's got to be controlled in some sort of way." >>

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