Both Kate and Sarah had been on major labels with their previous bands. Sarah was singer in Dubstar, indie darlings circa 1995 and Kate in Frazier Chorus, a mid to late eighties act signed to the very credible 4AD. Surely for them having experienced the highs and lows of the music business, I wanted to know what they'd learnt from these previous musical projects?

"I think we've learnt not to get managers." Kate said very quickly as if almost admitting that they'd been mistreated somehow before by them.

Something thing that got my attention towards the band earlier this year was the photography that appeared on their website. Particularly early on, the site revealed very little about the band. They didn't state who they were and just referred to the girls as Client A and Client B. The photos and magazine ads also promoting the band did their best to hide their faces and were provocative
and abstract in composition. So why this unconventional visual approach?

"It's kinky basically" she added quickly." Someone had put up a wallpaper on the website and we just put that in the magazine. It just creates a bit of a mystique. It’s nothing to do with Mute."

Now with their identities firmly reveiled, they have a strong following especially online, with an active forum on the Label's own website. Like in many case this seems to do a lot promotion for the band without the need for expensive mail outs about releases, and big ad campaigns etc. The fans get constantly updated via fellow participants on the site's message boards about the band's movements. How did Kate feel about this powerful tool?

"We're quite lucky really. The fans out there are really good, building up a fanbase is the hardest, once you’ve got the fans they stick with you" she says happily. >>

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