Being all the way from across the Irish Sea, the isolation that is felt by most bands only left the JJ72 camp at the beginning of this tour.

"Well it's weird because it's only now that we realise that there were people showing up to see us. Our first date was in Sheffield University, which is one of the biggest gigs we've done, but it was more or less full. It was like 'Yeah and we're headlining…shit they're here to see us.' Which is weird so it's only after the past few days that we have realised that word is getting around and stuff. It's just something that we have to get used to."

isnakebite.com has a feeling that it won't be a problem. Next up Fergal speaks for the first time during the interview.

"The music scene in Dublin is brutal!"

Erm, not too keen on it then Fergal?

"No, it's in a real bad way."

Too many Westlife offsprings?

"Well no, too many er…"

Shit bands?

"Yeah! Too many shit bands basically," laughs Fergal. "You have two different ends of the scale you've got like, Westlife, b*witched and that lot who are really in a different music industry to the bands like us. No matter the calibre of the guitar band when it comes down to the hard slog of it, when you do the touring and all that stuff you're playing like really horrible places. I don't even know how people can say that they are in anyway in the same industry as us!" >>

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