"Yeah," which is the first word I've heard from gorgeous bass player Hilary. "It's so different," she adds.

So where do JJ72 fit in today's music scene?

"Well," begins Hilary, "I don't think we're trying to fit in. I think we're very indifferent to the whole scene in a sense and you know, we let them come to us. We're not trying to fit in anywhere."

"It's like that," agrees Mark. "Like if one of your questions was going to be 'what are your influences?' It's like, yeah, our influences come from some guitar bands but our influences don't stem from indie music in general. Really our influences come from everyday things in life which probably makes more sense for an influences answer. I love Joy Division and Nirvana but they only happened to be bands and happened to be guitar bands. It wasn't a conscious decision like 'I love music and let me just pick out this band that I love to be a fan of.' That's how I want people to perceive us, as this separate entity to everything else. Like we don't even fit into music."

Fergal agrees full heartedly even down to the band participation in the song writing. "Well Mark brings the songs in and we just go with what sounds good, like JJ72, there's no influence in the writing at all."

At this point, a man walks up to the table and asks if it's Muse at the table? Hmmm, never mind mate, close! Maybe not Muse, but the guys have been compared to the Manics and Nirvana quite a bit. Hilary has a reason for this one though.

"Once you stand up on the stage you're in the public eye so it's inevitable that they're going to compare you to other bands like the Manics and Radiohead or whatever. It makes sense 'cos everyone else listens to them." >>
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