But it doesn't look like it'll be a long time before JJ72 is used as a reference point in exactly the same way. By the end of the interview, our shared views of Terris have been discussed and I have been invited to Fergal's beach party when he earns the first million. Yay!

During the gig I stand mesmerised by Hillary's eyes, leaning on the monitor dying for a drink but not really caring. Highlights, Jeff Buckley-esque solo with guitar section by Mark. Rock and Roll stories? Well, if you meet them try not to mention stalkers and the Columbia Hotel! Why are they so gorgeous? Hell knows, guess they have to be in order to do the job. Are JJ72 my new passion? Oh yes. Why? Why the hell not?

Interviewed by Simba Bhebhe 2000
All photography ©
JJ72 & Lakota Records 2005

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