The Ordinary Boys
The Northampton Roadmenders is an October gig stop for The Ordinary Boys, one of the better bands to arrive this year. Touring to support the recent release of the single 'Seaside', the band spent some quality time with

"It's a shame they have to make the bar look like something out of Red Dwarf," announces Preston, lead singer and guitarist of The Ordinary Boys.
The second bar at the Roadmenders does look a bit naff. Though later tonight it will be closed for the sold out gig, so no-one will notice it. It's also empty, apart from a number of silver chairs and matching tables. Although it is open there's no-one serving beer. I politely offer a better environment. A nip to a local pub for a quick pint?

"I don't drink before a gig," explains Preston. "I might make a fool of myself on stage." He smiles above his jacket top, fully zipped to the chin. "We can
go if you want?" he offers. "Though William will be joining us soon."

We agree to stay sitting at the tables in the middle of the room and start the interview. A slight pause for breath and even before the dictaphone is out Preston informs me that the band performed two gigs at the Electric Ballroom. Happily he explains further with a huge smile that Terry Hall from 'The Specials' joined them on stage. It's something still in his system that he thoroughly enjoyed. I give brief details of the NME's report on the event including the mention of the dedication of 'So Charming' to twenty or so Japanese fans that flew over just for the gig.

"Maybe I'm setting my sights too high," he begins. "I feel that this is really small. Sometimes when people see you on television they do think of you as this big successful band with loads of money. We don't have any money and I see these current gigs as quite intimate. It's quite a small venue with not many people but it's annoying when they have to put a barrier up two metres from the stage for some legal reason. It's like you want to see the whites of people's eyes and that you have to squint to see everyone. I really like the idea of a gig being personal and everyone is really close to each other and everything. Hence the reason why we go out and talk to people." >>

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