The Candle Thieves
An apologetic Scott McEwan answers the phone explaining that he will be late for the pre gig interview, as he is somewhere, driving around in Northampton, trying to arrange to meet his musical partner the Glock (short for glockenspiel), who is also somewhere, driving around in Northampton.

Eventually The Candle Thieves arrive at their destination and after several minutes adjusting themselves to their new surroundings, I duly walk them to a nearby pub. With the pending commencement of the World Cup upon us, there is the small talk of football as we make our way. I'm happy to learn of Scott's allegiance to the team who heralds from Goodison Park. The Glock is happy to leave the two Evertonians to natter away about their injury prone first half of the season, like two lost friends reunited, whilst he offers to get the drinks in.

A recent article in the Guardian highlighted the Peterborough duo's tour of front rooms, lounges and other alternative venues, including the author's local pub.

"We always try to find different ways to do gigs," begins Scott as we all settle down around a table outside. "We did a living room tour, not a novel idea and some people were saying they would love to book us but their living room wasn't big enough. We were asked to play his local where they basically never have live music. It's a tiny place in Tockwith. The gig was really cool and he wrote a feature about it."

Has it then been as steady progression of success for the band?

"Success is hard to judge," states Scott. "Like today we scraped getting here and arrived late It has real ups and downs," he adds laughing.

With the agreement of Scott, 'achievement' is a better choice of word and the subject changes to the band’s achievement of performing at St David's Church in Austin at SXSW.

"It was absolutely amazing," begins Scott, sounding almost humbled by the occasion. "We were really lucky because we got to play in this incredible church with The Low Anthem and lots of other bands and just being around those people who are really amazing themselves it was quite a privilege doing it. Probably, personally, my favourite gig that we’ve done." >>

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