The Candle Thieves

Amusingly Scott interrupts the conversation, laughing he states "I know that this sounds like I'm a total control freak but I think the Glock prefers me to talk."

"I like to think of myself as the talent," laughs the Glock.

"I like to talk a lot but don’t say much," laughs Scott.

Their management company, the American based team behind the rise of La Roux, claimed they could push the band for a performance at the festival. Its the same team that set-up the Carnival Town record label for them, all after an initial email via the wonders of Myspace. Scott explains the situation.

"They found us on Myspace and sent a message asking, "If we had any more songs?" We had a meeting, played in their offices in New York, they liked it and wanted to hear some new stuff. When we scraped together a bit of money we recorded some new stuff, signed a deal with them and then they put out the album."

The band's second trip prior to the signing was documented for the website, which includes footage on an impromptu performance on the Staten Island ferry of 'Sharks & Bears'. Footage, which shows a burly security guard appear.

"He was okay. I think he could see that we weren't causing trouble," claims Scott. "I was really nervous about it but at the end he came over and said, "Carry on play another one if you want"."

So how does the song writing work for the pair?

"All the good stuff is me," laughs the Glock before adding with impeccable comedy timing "Only joking." >>

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