The Candle Thieves

"It's like a real juxtaposition. If you are caught with drugs you're dead. So you are scared that someone may put some in your bag. Though at the same time the laws are very strict and everyone seems so respectful of each other which is really cool and the streets are really clean and it's really nice. It's a very personal song. I did really have a different prospective from where I was, being so far from where I live, not having the comfort stuff of trying to write songs."

Have they contemplated having a third member or is too early?

"We've always said that Andy, is the third silent member of the band because he has a lot of input and like I said before he's really cool at telling us things. We played a show at KoKo and he played drums because the venue was very big and realistically we couldn't do the gig as a two-piece. We're always looking to do the live show different ways, maybe with string players. So it's something that we wouldn't rule out."

If you can strip a song to its bare bones with a piano you have this beautiful sound, this element that can be accompanied very well, where as I think an acoustic guitar has its limitations.

"For song writing it's either piano or guitar," states Scott. "It's really true with the guitar. The song on our album 'Dreaming of Lucy' that he wrote, a guitarist would never have written because the key changes and cord changes for a guitarist are horrible. I definitely agree that the pianist bit gives us a lot more places to go."

There are many places for the pair to go, if they can keep the momentum going especially with the help and backing from their management team that don’t appear to be interfering in their ways.

"They've been unbelievably helpful," agrees Scott "They have proven themselves before and we’re a band that has just started and haven’t done a huge amount." >>

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