The Candle Thieves

Laughs aside he continues, "Often he'll feed me a line. One day he said it would be really cool to name a song 'Sharks and Bears'. Now I wouldn't have come up with a line like that."

"A lot of people may assume that I probably do the bulk of the writing," explains Scott. "If anything he does more writing than me. The first album was pretty easy because we never write together which is pretty weird."

"I think I'm pretty easy to approach regarding music," claims the Glock. "Normally it's that we often demo ideas. I send him a demo and never hear about it and I'm guessing that it wasn't "the masterpiece" and if it comes, it's a couple of months later," he finishes laughing.

"I think one of us will usually write the bulk of the tune," begins Scott. "The other one fills it out. I probably stop him over thinking things and then he probably stops me being way too simple. Hopefully somewhere in the middle we sort of meet."

Was the same format used for 'We're All Gonna Die (Have Fun)'?

"That was the one song on the album that was actually me," explains Scott. "I went in the studio on my own then teamed up with our producer Andy Hawkins. I basically had the bulk of the song, then he's like, "oh you do that thing all the time". He’s become a good friend of ours."

What about the song about Singapore? I'm intrigued on how it came to be the subject for Scott.

"I went to see a friend in Australia and stopped over in Singapore for about 2 nights. Then coming back 3 weeks later I stopped over again. I was staying on my own. I didn't have my guitar or any instruments. I had a lot on my mind and I was kind of blown away by the place. I thought it was incredible." >>

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