The Candle Thieves

"We're pretty friendly but you have to remember that these people are businessmen," states the Glock. "You think that spending a lot of time with people you think you can get that sort of friendship bond but you have to keep reminding yourself that there are not your mates. They keep telling us to keep receipts." He takes a sip from his drink. “We're incapable of keeping receipts, we'll just loose them and it's not the way we work. We're not money seekers."

"It's a large learning curve," states Scott.

Have they learned anything significant?

"When we went to SXSW for 4 days I forgot to turn off the 'data roaming' on my iphone and I got a bill for a thousand pounds," laughs Scott. "I also find it more nerve racking playing to lots of people. If there are less people you can look them all in the eyes." He laughs again, "and that's when I start making mistakes."

Interviewed by Andrew Mclean 2010
Photography ©
The Candle Thieves & © Andrew McLean

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