Jetplane Landing

Did you have a massive cutting list?

"Yes we tend to release everything. They turn into B-sides, EPs or whatever and what that is propelling us to do is to make a record very quickly. We've realised that the third Jetplane landing album will probably will be a very quick record and not as song based but more music based. We don't want to sell ourselves short because we've realised that we need two years to write 'Zero For Conduct' or a 'Once Like A Spark' because the lyrics take an awful long time to finish. Emotionally draining? Only when you've got a deadline and it's got to be finished. In terms of speed I think we're fairly close to normal as we can chuck out a song or two a month. There are three main writers in Jetplane Landing, in that there are three of us that all play guitar and that does help. If it was just one of us then I think it would be a lot slower."

You obviously work very hard on the band but have you had time off to get away from music?

"I went on holiday with my girlfriend for two weeks. For most of those two weeks whilst my girlfriend sunbathed I was finishing the lyrics for the record. Thing is I find being productive artistically enjoying, relaxing. I work as well. I will go back to find a job after this tour, but actually completing it makes me happy as a person. It does get really stressful and we do bite off more than we can chew but I love it. I really do so I can't therefore really take time off. I've just read Bill Hicks' autobiography and found it very inspirational. He was diagnosed with cancer and knew how long he had to live but kept writing scripts, submissions and pitches for books that never got made. I think that life is very short and I really want to leave behind a big body of work when I've gone and this band is a good way for going for that."

We talk more about the album. I'm particularly drawn to the scribble that is the centre of the album's booklet and on the CD itself. >>

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