Jetplane Landing

What about the change to playing and singing, how did he cope?

"I've practised a lot at this stage and I could do with a lot more practising now and I'm looking forward to going home and rehearsing this album properly because we just recorded it and then started touring."

It sounds like you may consider putting down the guitar.

"We've been talking about it on the third album. I think the next Jetplane album will be different again to the first two and its something that I wouldn't mind having a go at because I think I could do a lot more complex vocals. When you play guitars you have parts to play and I would like to be a bit more complex, possibly for a few songs we might do that."

Does Andrew find song writing easy, hard, emotionally draining?

"No it's not. It's easy to write a song, it's fucking hard to finish one. Most albums that you listen to contain songs that are 80% finished. Any artist that you rate if you study their material and that is a bit of a cop out."

For example the La's album that always sounded like it wasn't finished?

"Yeah, I mean them no them disservice to them because they are an incredibly productive band both themselves and the modern day The Coral, but they exhibit the same sort of traits. Where as we spend an awful long time, often much, finishing tracks and going back to them to make sure that they are right. Evidence of that is we
often publish our demos on the Internet and record them for radio sessions and the finished versions are completely different to the way they started off. This has meant that the last two Jetplane Landing records have taken two years each to write so we've spent a long time getting those eleven tracks right." >>

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