Jetplane Landing

"It's a drawing on the back of a sketch from an artist called Johnathan Gent. He's a friend of Raife's," explains Andrew. "He lives and works in Paris so we are very grateful for him donating it. It's of Stanley Kubrick. I found it on the back, he must have been sharpening his pencil or whatever and this is what he did but if you look close enough you can make out a cat." Andrew laugh gently. "What we are trying to do," he continues, "this is a heavy record but we wanted to also reflect the softer side to what we do. So the sleeve work was also important. It shows about what I mentioned before about leaving a body of work that was from a person who has lust for finishing things, a great eye for detail, a great quality control and these are things that anybody can aspire to."

Like Kubrick left behind the film A.I. and Speilberg finished it off for him?

"Exactly and I think you've just wrapped up the interview."

Interview by Andrew Mclean 2003
Photography © Jetplane Landing

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