Jetplane Landing

"Some people would view it as the next step," agrees Andrew, "because we run the record label as well. Speaking in a business sense if it's going to be paying for more staff and everybody involved with running the label becomes morefull time, then obviously we're going to have to work with majors. As well as in other territories, key places like Japan and America where at the moment we do underground industrial but
if we're going to "wrap it up" as they say we're going to have to go to one of those big five. These are things that are always pertinent to the way we think. Though there's no such thing as an independent label anyway, unless you're DIY. We are an independent label and as a result we are very small in comparison. There are no small independent labels any more as large labels own most and use them for development. I strive for just free thought. That's what I want and I want people to listen to our records and understand that, that we're totally on our own and that if one member of the band turned around and said "that's it I've had enough" then it stops. There is no other driving force apart from Jetplane Landing, which is the very key to the music that we make."

So how is Andrew's voice holding out for this massive mammoth tour?

"I've been surprised I've done all right," begins Andrew under a huge smile. "I've been okay, I don't have the greatest voice in the world anyway and I'm not being modest. I think as well on this record that we knew that we were going to tour it a lot more than 'Zero for Conduct' so the parts that I wrote were parts that I could replicate every night. It's kind of been geared towards that kind of part of my voice that is comfortable for me. The first album was more challenging and if I had a sore throat or whatever I could not perform."

Why was it more challenging?

"It was the first time I had ever done lead vocals so I didn't understand how you transfer a recording to playing live." >>

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