Jetplane Landing

It has become very personal then?

"I despaired of the music three or four years ago but I never really wanted to stop but I never really knew how I could go forward personally. This vehicle sort of created it as we've gone along and it's turned out as you've said into a personal attention to detail kind of operation."

We talk some more about Cuckoo and then move on to a subject that has risen a few times, that the band may get signed to a major label? If it did happen would Andrew fear loosing some control, some of the personal aspects of Jetplane Landing?

"My one fear is that I hope our politics affect the band adversely and the music that it makes. What I mean by that is that I hope that because of the life that we've chosen that we give our the music it's best chance to be heard by as many people as possible."

Indeed the band has embarked on a fifty three date tour spanning just over three months. Andrew explains that the band are aware of what level they are at in terms
of touring and tonight's venue is too big for them but he doesn't appear phased by the challenge and admits "I just want to make sure that we give the best that we can give."

He continues, "If signing to a major meant that we could make more records more quickly and the music was going to be better, then I'm sure it will be a good thing. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. It has come up already and it's a road
that we have chosen to go down."

This could then be considered the band's next step? >>

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